Welcome to North Herts Pet Sitting

For pet sitting enquiries please contact Mavourneen on mavourneen.conway@gmail.com or call 07949 797516


Mav has taken over from Sam who used to run NHPS. Sam is now running Sam’s Pet Services in Bedfordshire.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to North Herts Pet Sitting

  1. Hi we are about to get a puppy the weekend a Bassador. we had hoped to pick the puppy up a week later but the breeder is not being very flexible so unfortunately I’m at work this week and my children are with there dad. We will be here the majority of the holidays but next week and the week of the 15th I will be at work I was wondering if you apcould help me with puppy visits. When the summer holidays are over I will need them all regularly. I live in Hitchin and would prefer a puppy visitor who is local.

  2. Hi,
    I have a 6 yr old yoke jack Russell cross and a new puppy bitch. I now need someone to pop in a couple of times a day Monday and Wednesday. Live stanborough welwyn Garden City. Can you help and how much would it cost. Regards, Paul

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