Dog Walking – Dog Walker in Hitchin

I am a fully insured dog walker in Hitchin. I offer a dog walking service in Hitchin and within 5 miles of Hitchin throughout North Hertfordshire.

Coco enjoying a fun walk with me!

I have experience working with very nervous dogs who have little social experience, so am happy to discuss your pets personal needs, and will visit you for free prior to our first walk so your dog can get used to me and feel comfortable around me. 
I charge an extra 50% for additional dogs from the same home, e.g £2.50 for an additional dog on a 15 minute walk in Hitchin.


For group dog walks, I will pair up dogs based on their personality and size, and I would usually take your dog on solo walks at first so they are familiar with me. I will only usually walk two dogs together, smaller dogs I may walk more than two.

I am happy to take your dog on a walk in your local area, instead of using transport to take them to another location. This option is ideal for dogs that may be prone to travel sickness, or those that do not enjoy car journeys. I do not do car journeys for more than 5 minutes, as I want to make sure my time is dedicated to your dog and our walk, rather than travelling.

I also like to place dogs in groups with similar ages, sizes and personalities, so I can get to know your dog before placing them with another pup. 

Whilst I am insured to walk up to 6 dogs, I prefer to walk only a couple of dogs at a time, so that I can still give each of them attention and play time. If I find your dog is not enjoying the group walks or becomes aggressive with other dogs, I will suggest moving them back to solo walks.


Dog Sitting, Dog Garden Let-Outs, Puppy Sitting, and Cat and Small Animal Sitting services are also available, please check our rates page for further details.